Demo & Lunch: Puglia

Let Patti and Dora show you how to prepare your favorite dishes from the heel of Italy’s boot

puglia blog

Heel the world: Puglia has seen a boost in tourism in recent years, leading some travel agents even to dub it the “Tuscany of the South”.

When Nicola Marzovilla opened I Trulli in 1994, his vision was to enable New York diners to experience some of the sights and flavors he’d grown up with in the south of Italy. Particular inspiration came from Nicola’s native Puglia, the slender region which forms the heel of Italy’s boot. Today, with so many of the city’s restaurants claiming to offer “authentic” regional cuisine, I Trulli remains one of the few which can undoubtedly be called the real deal. Nicola’s mother, Dora, can be found at the restaurant each morning rolling her acclaimed fresh pasta, and with Chef Patti Jackson at the helm I Trulli continues to set new standards for “la cucina meridionale”.

trullo blog

Maxicono: I Trulli takes its name from the “trullo”, a traditional construction typical of Puglia, known for its distinctive conical-shaped roof.

Puglia has long been a region of enormous abundance and agricultural wealth, due also to its advantageous geographical position, and a strong Italo-Greek influence still survives today. Drawing heavily from the natural resources of its land, as well as the Adriatic and Ionian seas, Puglia can boast some of Italy’s best variety of fruit, vegetables and seafood, ingredients which are creatively incorporated to delightful effect in many of the region’s recipes. On Saturday, October 17, join Patti and Dora for an exclusive demonstration and lunch, as they prepare some of I Trulli’s most representative dishes inspired by this enchanting and unique region.

dora then and now

Ieri, oggi e domani: Dora Marzovilla yesterday, in her native Puglia, and today, at the pasta station at I Trulli.

with Dora Marzovilla and Chef Patti Jackson
Saturday, October 17
plus tax and 18% gratuity

Check out Chef Patti Jackson’s exclusive menu!

For further information and reservations please call 212-481-7372 or email

Trullo photograph by Katy Harrison, Puglia, August 2008.
Dora Marzovilla photographs property of Marzovilla/I Trulli.


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