Vino announces Spring 2009 Class Schedule

Our legendary wine classes are back for Spring!


Spring is here… and so are Vino’s wine classes! Back by overwhelming demand, our popular tasting classes return this spring with a brand new schedule to take us right through to summer!

Class participants are treated to a unique tasting selected by the expert hand of our esteemed instructors, in fun and informative seminars guaranteed to spark lively debate. Our themed tastings explore all aspects of winemaking in Italy, often focusing on specific wines, grape varieties and winemaking regions.

Whether you’re an Italian wine novice or wish to broaden your existing knowledge, there is no better way to discover new wines, learn more about your favorites and form a greater appreciation for the complex subtleties and entertaining history of Italian wine and winemaking.


For more information and reservations call 212-725-6516 or email

with William “Lucky” Lee
Wednesday, April 15

By far our most popular class, Italian Wine 101 is an introduction to some of Italy’s greatest grape varieties and wines. William “Lucky” Lee reviews the process of wine-making from grape to bottle and gives pointers on storing, serving and ordering wine. The course is great for both experienced enthusiasts and those new to Italian wine.

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, April 22

Vino takes you on a virtual road trip through Italy’s south, from the bay of Naples to the Adriatic coast, up and over the spine of the Appenines on the A16 autostrada. This highway cuts deep through wine country, roughly following the ancient Via Traiana across highlands of limestone and volcanic ash. A traveler passes through the heart of Aglianico with stops along the way to sample Coda di Volpe, Piedirosso, Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, and Nero di Troia among others.

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, April 29

Emilia-Romagna is rightly considered a culinary stronghold in Italy: a region where the best known cities – Bologna, Modena, Parma – are synonymous around the world with products which form the basis of Italian daily eating. Equally unique to the region are its popular wines – the lively, sparkling Lambrusco is the typical accompaniment to the area’s hearty dishes and rich flavors. Sample some classic Emilian dishes and enjoy wines by our favorite Lambrusco producer, Lini.

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, May 6

Like its wine, cheese is produced in every region in Italy, and invariably plays an integral part in Italians’ daily diet. While it is an essential ingredient in many of the country’s most popular recipes, many Italians enjoy eating cheese by itself, often paired with a suitable glass of wine. Jim will discuss Italy’s cheese production and serving methods, and offer useful tips on how best to pair a cheese with wine. Taste a varied selection of some of Italy’s finest and most popular formaggi, expertly matched with some of Vino’s favorite wines.

i-trulli-15-years-icon-2ITALIAN BREAD
with Chef Patti Jackson
Saturday, May 16

Not a lot of people know that before she became a top chef, Patti Jackson spent nearly 20 years as a baker. Now witness this extensive baking prowess as she demostrates the preparation behind some of I Trulli’s favorite breads. As anyone who has traveled extensively in Italy will tell you, Italian bread is as diverse as the country’s wines. Foccaccia, schiacciata, grissini and taralli are just some of the typical Italian bread products featured in this fun new addition to Vino’s class schedule.

with Robert Scibelli, DWS
Wednesday, May 20

Famed the world over for its use in the oft-celebrated Barolo and Barbaresco, the Nebbiolo grape variety actually goes a lot further, resulting in some of Italy’s most interesting wines. Let Robert guide you through a tasting of some excellent expressions of this legendary grape.

with Dora Marzovilla and Chef Patti Jackson
Saturday, May 30

Visitors to Italy (and I Trulli!) will undoubtedly be familiar with the delight that is fresh pasta. But why are so many of us disinclined to reproduce it at home? A little flour and water never hurt anyone, and making pasta from scratch is in fact a fast and simple procedure. Dora Marzovilla has been rolling fresh pasta at I Trulli since its doors first opened in 1994. As mother of restaurant owner Nicola Marzovilla, who better to teach the uninitiated? Dora will demonstrate preparation techniques for what is a cornerstone of Italian cooking.

with Robert Scibelli, DWS
Wednesday, June 3

Hailed by wine lovers around the world, Piedmont’s Barolo and Barbaresco and Tuscan giant Brunello di Montalcino are undoubtedly three of Italy’s greatest wines. Their modern elevated status lends these wines a certain mystique, which Robert Scibelli will help you understand in this world-class tasting. Learn the epic history, assess the varied production techniques and discover the hidden truths behind the legends of these fantastic wines.

with William “Lucky” Lee
Wednesday, June 10

Vino offers Italian Wine 101 twice this term! William “Lucky” Lee reviews the process of wine-making from grape to bottle and answers questions on storing, serving and ordering wine. The course is great for both experienced enthusiasts and those new to Italian wine.

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, June 17

Though often enjoyed as a before-dinner aperitivo or as a less-expensive alternative to Champagne, Italian sparkling wines are in fact as varied in style, taste and production as their still counterparts. No surprise then, that Italians are just as likely to drink such wines before, during or after a meal. Prosecco, Franciacorta and Lambrusco are just the most recognized varieties within Italy’s lengthy list of delightful bubblies. Taste diverse sparkling wines from various Italian regions in what is an ideal introduction to a slightly misunderstood class of wines.

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  2. wade newman says:

    Please send me the times for the wine classes. You really should include this info in the listings.

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