Since opening its doors in 2000, Vino has been a top U.S. retailer of Italian wines, featuring labels from every wine-producing region of Italy.

For every vintage, Vino’s offerings are hand-selected by its owner Nicola Marzovilla. His interest in the native grape varieties of Italy and support for the country’s growing movement of “natural winemaking” have shaped the store’s selection from the outset.

A desire to showcase the wondrous mosaic of Italian grape varieties and winemaking styles has remained the guiding principle of the store’s collection. Many of the labels are sold exclusively in this country by Vino.



2 Responses to Vino

  1. Massoferrato: Wonderful! I served at Christmas. I am looking forward to buying more.

    • Bert Ellis says:

      My name is Bert Ellis in Atlanta, Ga. I was sent a number of wines (18 bottles…10 different varieties) from you by Frank Bynum.. Can you send my information on each wine and when they are ready to drink and how best to drink them? Do they need to be decanted? Are they ready to drink now? I assume you have the list of wines Frank sent me but if not, I will send you a list back of what were in the boxes. All look exceptional. I am an “open and drink” kind of guy so I want to make sure I do these wines right. Many thanks and Happy New Year.

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