Malcolm McLaren calls Centovini “a pretty damn unique restaurant”

Punk impresario Malcolm McLaren recommends Centovini in the latest issue of Fantastic Man magazine. In the Spring/Summer edition of the gentleman’s style journal, the musician and rock manager — most infamous for his promoting of 70s punk band the Sex Pistols — calls Centovini “an absolutely excellent restaurant with some of the best Italian food in New York.”

As well as the food, McLaren loves the atmosphere at dinner (“I never have time for lunch”), and gushes over the contemporary design. “One table,” he says, “has a giant multi-colored chandelier dripping over it like a grape vine… the ultimate luxury.” McLaren also reveals himself as quite the wine lover and appreciates Centovini’s carefully chosen list. “The staff love talking about wine… you’re offered wines you would never dream of.”

Is there anything McLaren doesn’t love about Centovini? “In every respect, it’s a pretty damn unique restaurant,” he says. “It beats me why not everybody goes to Centovini.”

Our thoughts exactly, Malcolm…


One Response to Malcolm McLaren calls Centovini “a pretty damn unique restaurant”

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi, I can see that this is a fairly old post but I was wondering where it was that you received this picture from?
    I am a Journalism student and am doing an article on Malcolm McLaren and obviously would like a picture to go with the content. I was wondering if I may possibly be granted permission to use this picture? I have left you my email address and hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou.

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