More French favorites — this Friday

Though we’d never betray our historically italophile tendencies, at Vino we’ve always loved a French wine. Who doesn’t? So following our international expansion we did not hesitate to dive head-first into the vast market of this great wine-producing nation. After a lot of searching (and a lot of tasting) we’ve come up with some real corkers, further proof that our careful selection process pays off. Tomorrow afternoon from 5:30pm join Naomi from Rosenthal Wine Merchants as she presents three of our best finds from France:

Sancerre Le Chêne 2007 Lucien Crochet

The Crochet family has had holdings in the Sancerre AOC since the eighteenth century, and has been bottling wine since 1934. The domaine now is under the direction of Lucien Crochet and his son, Gilles. Much of the Crochet family’s growing sites are located in the fabled vineyards of the “Clos du Chêne Marchand”. These vines are an average age of 35 years and produce approximately 20,000 bottles of Le Chêne per year.

Corbières 2007 Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie

Situated just outside of the tiny village of Douzens, 12 kilometers east of the ancient walled city of Carcassonne, the Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie was founded during the reign of Louis XIV by an officer returning from service on the Indian subcontinent. Today husband-and-wife Dominique and Marie-Therese Gibert produce this charming blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. A classic expression of Corbières AOC, the largest appellation in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Bordeaux Rouge 2008 Château La Rame

Situated 40 kilometers southeast of the city of Bordeaux, Château La Rame is among the oldest and most renowned properties in the Sainte Croix du Mont AOC. The estate was purchased by Claude Armand, the father of the current owner, Yves Armand. The Armand family has undertaken to re-establish Sainte Croix du Mont as an appellation of merit set to rival the region’s greatest appellations.

Friday, April 30

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email


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