Foglia Tonda: Vino discovers a Tuscan rarity

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At Vino we pride ourselves on bringing rare wines and lesser-known varieties to your attention. But sometimes, just when we think we’ve seen it all, a wine comes along that reminds us just how much there is still to discover. It’s certainly not everyday you come across a wine made from 100% Foglia Tonda, but then Tuscan producer Guido Gualandi (above) has never been much of a conformist. Renowned for his hands-on approach to every aspect of winemaking from vine to bottle, Guido’s championing of this ancient variety is completely in-keeping with his love of indigenous grapes.

Foglia Tonda is believed to be closely related to Sangiovese, yet both softer and less tannic, and therefore ready to drink much sooner. Named for the vines’ distinctive round leaves (foglia tonda means literally “round leaf”), the variety fell out of favor over the course of the last century, in part due to the boom in production and appreciation of Chianti.

Guido vinifies the wine in open-topped wooden fermentation tanks before aging it for ten months in oak casks of various size and age, which are rolled continuously to keep the lees moving. Produced from five-year old vines, this is only Guido’s second vintage of Foglia Tonda and the first to be made available in the United States.

Taste Foglia Tonda today and save 20%! Also, taste two consecutive vintages of Guido’s 100% Sangiovese, Gualandus!

Foglia Tonda 2007 Guido Gualandi
was $75, now $60

Sangiovese Gualandus 2006 Guido Gualandi
was $50, now $40

Sangiovese Gualandus 2005 Guido Gualandi
was $50, now $40

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