Ciao for now: Vino NYC is moving!

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Big changes have taken place at Vino in 2010: first we took the decision to go international, extending our world-class selection of wines beyond Italy’s borders and to the furthest reaches of the globe. Now, more transformations are afoot, this time of the virtual kind. Vino’s online observers may have noticed we have a brand spanking new website, whose simple, clean design will hopefully make your shopping experience easy and straightforward. What’s more, the new website platform allows us to incorporate this very blog, meaning you only have to go to one place to buy wine and get all the latest news about upcoming events, tastings, classes and special offers at Vino! We think you’ll agree it makes much more sense than having three separate websites. (As the person responsible for maintaining all three I know it’s going to make my life a breeze.) This will be the final blog post at thanks to everyone for following and commenting β€” I’m sure going to miss that Manhattan skyline header. Henceforth you can continue to follow Vino on See you there!

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