King of Ruchè

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If you’re a regular at Vino, chances are you’ll have tried Ruchè, a little-known wine from the Piedmontese village of Castagnole Monferrato. So little-known in fact, that unless you were born in this tiny hamlet in the province of Asti, you were probably unfamiliar with the variety until Luca Ferraris brought his wines to the United States.

Luca is one of just a handful of producers helping to resurrect the grape and promote the wine to an international market. With no preconceptions surrounding the wine those curious enough to give it a chance have responded with unanimous praise, making Ruchè one of Vino’s best-sellers over the last twelve months.

But Luca isn’t just about Ruchè: his Barbera and Grignolino offer classic piemontese quality and taste at a remarkable price point. This year Ferraris has added an exciting blend of Ruchè and Syrah to his portfolio which he calls Il Re. We think you’ll agree it’s a wine fit for a king.

4 luca ferraris wines2

And don’t forget: all of Luca’s wines will be available at an incredible 20% off!

Friday, October 16

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email


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