Taste these three wines this Friday!

Join us this Friday when Hadley Foss from David Bowler Wine will be pouring these three awesome and diverse reds from 5:30pm:

Gamay Noir Bone Jolly 2008 Edmunds St. John

Inspired by Beaujolais wines, maverick California winemaker Steve Edmunds set about creating the kind of wine the French would call “alimentaire.” Made from fruit sourced from Witter’s Vineyard, some 3,400 feet above Camino in El Dorado county, this bright and juicy screw-cap is the perfect choice for a spring picnic!

Bobal Utiel-Requena 2008 Vera de Estenas P.G.

While not commonly cultivated in the rest of Spain, the Bobal grape is the most widespread variety in the Utiel-Requena DO in the province of Valencia, accounting for almost 80% of production. Vera de Estenas is one of the region’s top producers, whose Casa Don Angel estate comprises — in addition to agricultural land — an Art Nouveau mansion, bottling plants, aging cellar and a museum!

Squinzano Rosso 2005 Vinicola Resta

Salento’s mild climate is ideal for vine growing. This south-eastern extremity of Puglia — comprising the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto — is a hotbed (literally) for Negroamaro. Dr. Luigi Resta‘s is made from a spicy blend of 95% Negroamaro and 5% Black Malvasia.

Friday, April 16

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email contact@vinosite.com.


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