Spring classes are back: Wines of Tuscany, April 21

Tuscany. Say it. “Tuscany.” I’ve seen grown adults go weak at the knees with the very mention of the word. That’s because nowhere evokes the magic of Italy more than this famed region: its rolling hills, picturesque towns and stunning artistic heritage have captivated for centuries and continue to attract millions of visitors every year. So familiar is Tuscany — and its celebrated wines — that in recent years wine enthusiasts in this country have begun to pass up a Brunello or a Vino Nobile in favor of something new. While we love Tuscany’s classic appellations, we also strongly promote the discovery of Italy’s lesser-known wines. This exclusive tasting class will remind you there is much more to Tuscan wine than the cliché of the straw Chianti flask on a checkered tablecloth. From the famous Sangiovese-based appellations to the law-bending Super Tuscans and an array of top-flight whites, Tuscany is home to some of the world’s finest wines. Taste some of our favorites with Vino’s Jim Hutchinson!

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, April 21

For more information and reservations please call 212-725-6516 or email reservations@vinosite.com.


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