Vino goes global

It’s official: Vino has gone global! We’re happy to say our friends, fans and customers have embraced this new initiative with gusto — now Vino invites you to celebrate the expansion of your favorite wine store!

Over the last few weeks New York City’s #1 Italian wine store has begun looking beyond the peninsula. Tentatively at first: a breezy day-trip across the border for an Austrian white led to an unforgettable weekend in Bordeaux. Soon we were jetting around the globe with trips to South Africa, Australia and Argentina, clocking up air miles to bring you the flavors of the New World. We even extended a layover in California to hail a Cab.

But don’t think we’ve let our incredibly high standards slip. Quite the reverse: the same discerning palate which brought you the best of Italy is helping stock Vino’s shelves with a truly international and expanding selection of world-class wines and spirits.

In fact, we’ve got so many great new wines to taste, we couldn’t fit them into one event! Join us next week for a FREE Grand Tasting held over two consecutive evenings! On Thursday, April 1 and Friday, April 2 representatives from our top distributors will be pouring over twenty classic wines, new discoveries and popular favorites!


Thursday, April 1
Friday, April 2

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email


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