Don’t forget your passport…

This Friday we’re packing our flip-flops and cargo shorts to take you on a whistle-stop tour the New World! South Australia, South Africa and California may seem worlds away (literally) from Vino’s traditional italophile aesthetic, but as we’ve demonstrated with our new expansion initiative, there are terrific wines to be found beyond Italy’s borders — and we can’t wait to try more! In the meantime, check out some of our most recent discoveries at our free international tasting this Friday. Don’t forget your passport…

Chardonnay Chook Raffle 2008 Shoofly / AUSTRALIA

Situated in the Mount Lofty Ranges at an altitude of 2,300 feet, the Adelaide Hills is considered Australia’s premier cool-climate wine region, ideal for producing crisp Chardonnay. Shoofly adds a little Riesling and Verdelho to its Chardonnay for a touch of exotic flavor. Around 10% of the wine is matured in older French oak giving the wine complexity, aromatics and texture. For those unfamiliar with Aussie culture, a “Chook Raffle” is a weekly fundraising raffle popular down under, in which for a buck you might win a frozen chook (chicken)!

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2009 Mulderbosch / SOUTH AFRICA

Founded in 1989, Mulderbosch is today recognized as one of South Africa’s finest producers: their award-winning range of wines consistently earns top ratings in the wine press. The 48 hectare estate is situated in the prime Koelenhof area of Stellenbosch. 25% of the Mulderbosch property has been dedicated to a conservancy, ensuring the preservation of indigenous vegetation and wildlife. Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Mulderbosch’s floral Rosé is packed with woodland fruit, making it a great choice for spring picnics.

Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 2008 Au Bon Climat / USA

Santa Barbara County’s Au Bon Climat (which means “a well-exposed vineyard”) produces some of California’s most recognized Burgundian wines. Founded by Jim Clendenen in 1982, the winery has since grown to earn a reputation for making classical style wines. ABC’s Pinot Noir is a perfect example: neither thick nor syrupy, the young wine is a delicate, balanced expression of the variety and ready to drink. Why not start right now?

Friday, March 26

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email


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