Blind Date: March 17

As wine lovers we like to feel in complete control of our sensory judgment, yet it’s easy (even for wine professionals) to underestimate just how many factors can determine our appreciation of a wine.

For many, a blind tasting is often seen as the ultimate test of a wine’s true worth. External information such as labels, price, even the bottle’s shape or cork — elements which may sway the taster — are hidden, leaving us with the purest possible tasting experience.

While a useful technique for encouraging a more honest comparison, a blind tasting can also be a fascinating revelation as to the extent in which context and preconceptions can affect our perception of a wine.

Class participants will taste six wines and be asked to answer questions on each based solely on their sensory observations. This unique “blind date” is guaranteed to be an eye-opener… don’t miss out!

Wednesday, March 17

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email


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