A Sicilian Feast at I Trulli

The origins of La Festa di San Giuseppe date back to the middle ages, when at the end of a severe drought Sicilians prepared a lavish feast in honor of their patron saint. A San Giuseppe banquet is still enjoyed today by Sicilians, Italian-Americans and lovers of Italian food and heritage.

As a child in Puglia, I Trulli owner Nicola Marzovilla grew up with two uncles named Giuseppe, with whom he would enjoy typical fried zeppole and other specialties on this popular holiday. Who better to host his own San Giuseppe celebration?

Join us on Thursday, March 18, as we explore the culinary and cultural traditions of San Giuseppe. Chef Patti Jackson‘s delicious menu will feature some of the Marzovilla family’s favorite San Giuseppe dishes, paired with Sicily’s classic local wines. And in true San Giuseppe style, we’ll even be presenting our own tavola di San Giuseppe, a decorative altar featuring a bounteous spread of typical breads and cakes!

Thursday, March 18
$75 plus tax and gratuity

Book now!

For more information and reservations please visit our website, contact 212-481-7372 or email reservations@itrulli.com. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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