Italian Wine 101: spaces still available!

Vino’s Winter 2010 class schedule gets back on track this week with the return of the ever-popular Italian Wine 101!

Grapevines have been cultivated in Italy for thousands of years, but today the country’s wine industry is stronger than ever. In 2008 Italy produced six billion liters of vino, approximately one fifth of the world’s production. Much of this is exported, yet Italians still rank as the biggest consumers of wine in the world (59 liters per capita). With over 450 legally-designated winemaking appellations and some 350 government-authorized grape varieties (plus hundreds more documented), it’s no surprise Italian wine can be an overwhelming subject for the uninitiated.

Hosted by Vino’s William Lee, this introductory seminar will help unravel some of the complexities of the Italian wine system, and dispel much of the mystery surrounding what is for Italians simply part of everyday life. For this fun and lively class, participants will be treated to an exclusive tasting representing the impressive quality and incredible diversity of Italy’s wines. Italian Wine 101 is the best place to start making sense of Italy’s vast mosaic of appellations, myriad grape varieties, and countless winemaking styles.

with William Lee

Wednesday, February 17

For more information and reservations please call 212-725-6516 or email


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