ICEA-certified organic Inzolia and Nero d’Avola

Vino’s December sale continues, this week featuring some of our favorite “natural” winemakers. From its inception in 1999, the ERA winery has been managed using organic practices and sources its grapes from ICEA-certified vineyards.

Sicily provides ERA with two classic Southern varieties — Inzolia (above left) and Nero d’Avola (above right) — cultivated in vineyards located near Trapani at the western tip of the island. In accordance with the rules set by the organic body, ERA bans all pesticides and chemical substances from the vineyards, instead using only natural fertilizers. All vineyard work such as planting, pruning and picking is done by hand.

ERA’s Piedmont-based team is led by enologist Federico Riolfo, whose practices in the winery, from vinification, to storage and bottling, are also certified. Riolfo’s clear winemaking philosophy extends to his use of only natural yeasts. All of ERA’s wines are made entirely in temperature-controlled stainless steel, resulting in wines which are as pure as the process of making them.

Inzolia 2008 ERA
was $13, now $10.40

Inzolia (also known as Ansonica, ‘Nzolia, and Insolia) is one of Sicily’s great and highly versatile white grapes. While it is often used as a blending grape (with varieties like Grillo and Catarratto), the ERA winery produces it as a mono-varietal (single-grape) in a traditional style. Fresh in the mouth, with delicate fruit flavors and balanced acidity, Inzolia is one of Vino’s best-selling white wines.

Nero d’Avola 2008 ERA
was $13, now $10.40

Nero d’Avola has been cultivated in southern Italy since the sixteenth century when it was commonly referred to as Calabrese (from its popularity in the region of Calabria). In the early nineteenth-century, winemakers in the township of Avola (Siracusa) were so successful with their plantings of the grape that it took on the name Nero d’Avola, or the “Black from Avola” (in Italy red wine is often described as “black”). One of the most popular Italian varieties among wine consumers in the U.S., Nero d’Avola packs all the heat and passion of Sicily into every bottle.

Remember, this offer is valid TODAY ONLY, while stocks last!

Visit our website for a full list of December’s featured producers and tastings*. Look for your favorite producers and be sure to plan ahead: 20% sales are for one day only! As usual, we’ll be hosting our free tastings every Friday from 5:30pm, continuing this week with some of our favorite “natural” wines!

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