All-natural Sangiovese and Foglia Tonda!

Vino’s December sale continues, this week featuring some of our favorite “natural” winemakers! Regular clients of Vino will no doubt be familiar with the wines of Guido Gualandi. Often celebrated for his many talents in addition to winemaking, the Montespertoli-based producer could be considered Tuscany’s answer to Indiana Jones: Guido lists archaeologist, painter, musician and technological consultant among his many and varied professions.

But this 21st century Renaissance man is also a highly conscientious producer. Each wine Gualandi produces is the result of his own toil and hard work, and he conducts every step of the winemaking process with his own hand. Grapes are hand-picked (using a traditional type of basket known as a bigonce) then pressed by hand and foot. The grapes are fermented in open-topped oak vats, and aged in barriques. Guido is a great believer in batonnage and stirs the wines every other day during the first months of aging. The entire production process from harvest to bottle is represented by diagrams on his wines’ labels.

A devoted non-interventionist winemaker, Guido’s vines were certified organic by Italian body ICEA in 2008. He insists on keeping his product free of all herbicides or pesticides. “I especially avoid correcting the taste of the wine in the cellar,” he says. This philosophy is part of Guido’s commitment to maintaining the same production techniques traditionally employed by winemakers in Tuscany. “Modern technology is practically banned from inside the winery,” he explained to us. “The materials I use are the same as those of fifty or even a hundred years ago.” For a man of such creative output, it’s perhaps no surprise Gualandi refers to his methods as “the art of making wine.”

Today you can take 20% off four of Guido’s unique wines. In addition to the popular Sangiovese-based wines, we’re also featuring the rare Foglia Tonda. Though its origins are to this day uncertain, Foglia Tonda (literally “round leaf”) is said to have been cultivated in the 19th century by Barone Bettino Ricàsoli, the Tuscan statesman widely believed to have invented the modern recipe for Chianti. Long since abandoned by most commercial wineries, today the variety is virtually non-existent. Guido is one of just a small handful of producers working with the grape: his Foglia Tonda also contains 5% Colorino, and is aged for 12 months in barriques.

Chianti Colli Fiorentini Montebetti 2007
was $23, now $18.40

Sangiovese Gualandus 2006
was $50, now $40

Sangiovese Gualandus 2005
was $50, now $40

Foglia Tonda 2007
was $75, now $60

Remember, this offer is valid TODAY ONLY, while stocks last!

Visit our website for a full list of December’s featured producers and tastings*. Look for your favorite producers and be sure to plan ahead: 20% sales are for one day only! As usual, we’ll be hosting our free tastings every Friday from 5:30pm, continuing this week with some of our favorite “natural” wines!

Please call 212-725-6516 or email for more details.


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