Save 20% on certified organic Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo

In an age when people are taking greater interest in where their food comes from and how it is made, it’s increasingly common for wine consumers at Vino to ask questions about about organic and biodynamic winemaking.

At Vino we embrace the movement towards more natural production methods and seek producers who do their best to make as pure a wine as possible. Though there exists myriad bureaucratic regulations and certifications relating to the wine we drink, there are really only three terms you need to identify:

ORGANIC For a wine to be labeled organic, its fruit has to be classified such by the department of agriculture and regulated by the EU. The term organic refers solely to the fruit in the vineyard — whereby a winemaker must abstain from using chemical fertilizers and pesticides — but does not apply to methods carried out in the cellar.

NATURAL Though there is no established certification body for “natural” winemaking, nor does the term have any legal status, in most cases “natural” vines could be certified organic were the winemaker to submit them for certification. These principles of minimizing chemical or technical intervention are also carried through to the entire vinification process.

BIODYNAMIC Rather than a set of legal guidelines, the principles of biodynamic viticulture have root in the ideas of Austrian twentieth-century philosopher Rudolf Steiner, whose theories suggested a method of farming steeped in the understanding of nature and ecology, with a greater reliance on the use of plant and animal products.

This week we’re featuring some of our favorite winemakers which fall under these categories, starting today with the certified organic Cascina Corte! After falling in love with the 18th century cascina (or “farmhouse”), husband-and-wife team Amalia Battaglia, a doctor, and Sandro Barosi, a devoted advocate and veteran of the Slow Food movement, began making wine just eight years ago intending to follow biodynamic principles.

Yet rather than devote all his energies to biodynamic winemaking, Barosi has instead settled on organic viticulture and natural vinification methods to produce the highest quality product. After planting their own organic Barbera and Nebbiolo, Cascina Corte’s older Dolcetto vines were certified ICEA beginning with the 2006 vintage.

Take 20% off all four wines TODAY ONLY!

Dolcetto di Dogliani 2007
was $21, now $16.80

Dolcetto di Dogliani Vigna Pirochetta 2006
was $25, now $20

Piemonte Barbera 2007
was $28, now $22.40
Gold Medal-Winner, Biodivino 2009

Langhe Nebbiolo 2006
was $32, now $25.60

Remember, this offer is valid TODAY ONLY, while stocks last!

Check out our website for a full list of December’s featured producers and tastings*. Look for your favorite producers and be sure to plan ahead: 20% sales are for one day only! As usual, we’ll be hosting our free tastings every Friday from 5:30pm, continuing this week with some of our favorite “natural” wines!


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