Happy hour, Italian style

If you’ve ever spent any time in Italy, you’ll be familiar with the perfectly time-honored tradition that is aperitivo. That’s when Italians, whether mid-passeggiata or just getting off work, all head to their favorite bar. But more than just a pre-dinner drink, aperitivo is a time of day and a state of mind: no longer afternoon but not quite evening, it represents that delightful moment when the working day is through and another pleasant evening of good food and company awaits.

Italy’s bustling piazze are the ideal place to people-watch and perhaps enjoy a Negroni (gin, Campari, red vermouth), one of the
country’s most popular cocktails.

This uniquely Italian ritual has its origins in Northern Italy, which saw a boom in cordial and liqueur production in the early twentieth century. By the 1920s the fashionable bars of Milan, Turin and Florence would swell each evening with thinkers and drinkers sipping Campari, Punt e Mes and Cinzano. Only in recent years has the modern aperitivo hour taken form; today bars all over Italy offer a delicious selection of free antipasti with their wine or cocktails, making it a popular choice for young and old.

Now you can enjoy aperitivo on East 27th Street! I Trulli’s Enoteca
awaits all New Yorkers seeking a little “dolce vita” this Fall.

The custom of aperitivo may seem deeply connected to the pleasurable lifestyle of Italy, but the hectic pace of Manhattan? At I Trulli, we see no reason why you should miss out on such an elegant practice — after all, even New Yorkers deserve to unwind sometimes. Join us every evening from 5:00-7:00pm for I Trulli’s aperitivo hour: choose from our brand new cocktail and sparkling wine list and enjoy complimentary small plates from Chef Patti Jackson‘s kitchen! Salute!

For more information and reservations please contact 212-481-7372 or info@itrulli.com.

I Trulli’s aperitivo launch has already captured the attention of the local press. Just check out some of these recent mentions (click on the logos):


2 Responses to Happy hour, Italian style

  1. Jessica says:

    I finally made it over – and I hate to say I was disappointed in the lack of knowledge about what a real aperativo at an Italian bar is like…still, the wine is amazing…

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