Massoferrato success!

Nicola Marzovilla debuts his very first wine at I Trulli

Nicola Marzovilla wishes to thank personally all those who attended Monday’s Massoferrato dinner. The exclusive event saw the I Trulli owner unveil his very first wine to a group of excited guests, who had gathered to taste the wine and celebrate this very special occasion. The 100% Sangiovese wine, made from grapes grown on Marzovilla’s Tuscan estate in Impruneta, was a unanimous hit, especially paired with the rustic flavors of Chef Patti Jackson‘s whole roasted wild boar.

It seemed everyone wanted their picture taken with the wild boar: Nicola and his sister Domenica celebrate the launch of Massoferrato.

Massoferrato is currently on the wine list at I Trulli, and available for retail purchase at our store, Vino, located directly opposite the restaurant!

Call 212-725-6516 or email for more information.


2 Responses to Massoferrato success!

  1. […] below) — a scale replica of Massoferrato, Nicola’s first wine from his own estate, which he launched on Monday. For once, Nicola was left […]

  2. […] with customers at Vino. Nicola proudly presented his labor of love to excited guests last month at a dinner held at I Trulli, where the new wine was paired with a suitably rustic whole roasted wild […]

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