Italian Wine 101, this Wednesday


By far our most popular class, Italian Wine 101 is offered twice this term, giving Vino’s most curious customers an extra chance to enjoy an introduction to some of Italy’s greatest grape varieties and wines.

Vino’s own William “Lucky” Lee will review Italy’s magnificent yet sometimes intimidating mosaic of local varieties and wine appellations, the two aspects which continue more often than not to boggle the minds of Italian wine novices. William will also explain the fascinating process of wine-making from grape to bottle, give pointers on storing, serving and ordering wine, and discuss wine’s important role in Italian daily life.

Featuring a carefully compiled tasting representing the supreme quality and vast diversity of Italian wine, this lively and entertaining seminar is ideal for those new to Vino and for experience enthusiasts alike. Sign up today!Do I feel Lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

with William Lee

Wednesday, November 4

For more information and reservations call 212-725-6516 or email


One Response to Italian Wine 101, this Wednesday

  1. shawn griffith says:

    my wife and I are from NYC. Upper East. We have been to some of your tasting in the city. We are presently in Tuscany and very interested in a tour and tasting at Sassacaia Bolegheri. Any chance you can arrange a tour for us. Sunday Nov. 15 is the only day we can make it for the tour.

    Grazie Mile

    + 1 917 587 2466

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