Trick or treat?

1518This Halloween weekend treat yourself to Aglianico Naif at 20% off!

World class Aglianico at under $11? It may seem like an unreal deal, but it’s no trick. This Halloween weekend why not treat yourself to Aglianico Naif 2006 by Campania winery La Molara? Since La Molara’s wines arrived at Vino, the Naif Aglianico has stood out as a customer favorite. Offering tremendous drinkability at a remarkable price, the wine is a classic expression of the Aglianico grape, arguably Southern Italy’s greatest variety, and one which continues to gain attention in the United States.

Vino recently hosted La Molara’s Riccardo Morelli, who revealed to us that the Naif is in part inspired by Pilar Sala, an Argentine artist specializing in a form of faux-naive folk art called “arte naif”. When La Molara expressed interest in her work, Sala was more than happy to allow the winery to feature her painting “Bordando la luna” (“Embroidering the moon”) on Naif‘s distinctive label.

Aglianico Naif 2006 La Molara
was $13, now $10.40


For more information call 212-725-6516 or email

Bordando la luna blog


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