Featured producer tasting: Castel de Paolis

Taste five wines from Lazio at Vino this Friday afternoon

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Despite the historical, cultural, religious and political attention heaped on Italy’s capital Rome, the region of Lazio is often overlooked, even when it comes to its wines. Fabrizio Santarelli is a man who is helping to change the perception of Lazio as a winemaking force in more ways than one. Located in the hills just south of Rome, the Castel de Paolis vineyards have been part of the Santarelli family since the 1960s. Today, Fabrizio not only produces delicious wines under the Castel de Paolis label, but also acts as president of Le Vigne del Lazio, a consortium of the region’s winemakers.

With this position comes the task of reshaping Lazio’s winemaking image and promoting its wines to an international market. Thanks to Santarelli the wines of Lazio are now finally beginning to receive the recognition they deserve, and one taste of Castel de Paolis’ delicate blends was enough to convince us Fabrizio’s doing fine work in both his jobs. On Friday afternoon you can try these wines for yourself as we pour the following five from Castel de Paolis, each now available at an incredible 20% off!

5 castel de paolis wines blog

Campo Vecchio Bianco 2007 Castel de Paolis
was $20, now $16

Campo Vecchio Bianco is a white wine made from a blend of grape varieties indigenous to the region: Malvasia del Lazio, Bellone, Romanesca, Bonvino, Passerina, Grechetto, and Trebbiano Giallo.

Frascati Superiore 2007 Castel de Paolis
was $22, now $17.60

Fabrizio Santarelli took the basic Frascati formula and amped it up by using the kinds of meticulous viticultural methods common to more prestigious appellations. Based on Malvasia and Trebbiano, as per the regulations of the DOC, Fabrizio has added several other native varieties for extra depth, including Bonvino and Cacchione.

Donna Adriana 2007 Castel de Paolis
was $26, now $20.80

In Lazio, they call the Malvasia “puntinata” (meaning “speckled”) because of its distinctive reddish spots. Donna Adriana is made from local clones of the grape with the addition of some Viognier and Sauvignon. The winemaker returns to the vineyard three times to ensure that each berry is picked at the peak of ripeness.

Campo Vecchio Rosso 2005 Castel de Paolis
was $22, now $17.60

Syrah has found a home in the hills southeast of Rome on several significant estates. Producers believe that the Rhone native fares well in the warm, arid climate better than the more famous French varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. For his Campo Vecchio Rosso, Santarelli blends Syrah with the native varieties Cesanese and Montepulciano.

I Quattro Mori 2004 Castel de Paolis
was $42, now $33.60
Following the great frost of 1709, Italian growers planted international grape varieties in the hope of conquering the world market with their wines. For more than 300 years, grapes like Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot have been cultivated on estates in Italy. This Syrah-based blend is aged in new and older oak barrels before bottling, resulting in a very modern wine that isn’t so modern after all.

Featured producer tasting:
Friday, September 18

For more details call 212-725-6516 or email contact@vinosite.com. Check out the tastings page on our website for a complete list of upcoming producer tastings this fall!


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