Noble. Northern. Nebbiolo!

Taste five expressions of a much-loved grape variety as I Trulli’s Garden Parties continue tonight!

cascina corte fog blogThe name Nebbiolo derives from “nebbia“, the Italian word for fog.
This photograph — taken by Jim Hutchinson at the Cascina
Corte estate in Dogliani last fall — demonstrates why.

Nebbiolo: the word alone is enough to stir excitement and emotion in the hearts and minds of Italian wine lovers. Yet for all the much-deserved attention heaped upon Barolo and Barbaresco, it’s important to note also that this noblest of northern grape varieties stretches far beyond these two celebrated appellations.

Tonight at I Trulli we’ll be pouring five wines which are each an example of how Nebbiolo is used in other wines throughout Piedmont and Lombardy. From the white-vinified Chiavennasca to Canavese Rosato to the Nebbiolo-Pinot Nero blend Baccalitt, these five wines are as diverse as they are delicious. Join us tonight in the lush seclusion of our private back garden, where you can sample all five wines and indulge in Chef Patti Jackson‘s famous seasonal antipasti.

nebbioo party blog

Chiavennasca 2007 Conti Sertoli Salis / LOMBARDIA

Canavese Rosato Rubiconda 2008 Orsolani / PIEMONTE

Baccalitt 2006 Conti Sertoli Salis / LOMBARDIA

Langhe Nebbiolo 2006 Cascina Corte / PIEMONTE

Carema Le Tabbie 2004 Orsolani / PIEMONTE

Tuesday, September 8
$35 plus tax and 18% gratuity

For further information and reservations please call 212-481-7372 or email


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