History “among the vines”

Taste three Tuscan wines tomorrow as we celebrate one of our favorite Chianti producers: Travignoli

famiglia busi

Propriety of the Travignoli estate has been passed on through
several generations of the Busi family.

If you’re looking to drink Chianti Rufina, you may as well make it Travignoli: wine has been made on the estate since the twelfth century. Since the 1700s the winery, named from the Italian “tra” (among) and “vigne” (vines), has been operated by the noble Busi family. Count Giovanni Busi has been chief proprietor of Travignoli for twenty years and recently served as president of the Chianti Rufina consortium.

travignoli staff blog

Today’s vineyard workers at Travignoli take a
well-earned break from the harvest

While Chianti Rufina stands proudly as the company’s flagship wine, Busi has also produced number of Super Tuscans, white wines, Vin Santo and olive oil under the Travignoli label. Anyone still doubting Travignoli’s credentials need only taste these three wines to recognize the history, experience and modern winemaking skill of this esteemed producer.

3 travignoli wines

Gavignano 2008 Travignoli

Travignoli blends small amounts of Sauvignon Blanc into the estate’s Chardonnay to create Gavignano, one of Vino’s best value white wines. While Chardonnay from California and Burgundy may have enjoyed more celebrity in recent years, the excellent drainage of the rocky soil in Chianti (and in Rufina in particular) helps to create dry, structured whites with balanced aromas and flavors.

Chianti Rufina 2007 Travignoli

Though blessed with optimum conditions, Travignoli’s output is limited to ensure the finest quality product. Roughly 300,000 bottles leave the winery each year, most of which bear the label of Chianti Rufina, the company’s flagship wine. Smooth, fragrant and ruby-red in color, Travignoli’s Rufina is fermented and aged in steel for eight months, and then spends a further two months in the bottle. Probably our best-selling Tuscan red.

San Clemente 2003 Travignoli

When Vino owner Nicola Marzovilla asked the Travignoli estate to come up with a Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese blend, the winemakers readily accepted the challenge. Vinified in traditional large oak barrels (no barrique), San Clemente is a truly exclusive wine which continues to improve with age. Big in the mouth (from the tannic Cabernet) with bright acidity (from the Sangiovese), it pairs perfectly with the meats and fish from your summer grill.

Thursday, August 27

For more details call 212-725-6516 or email contact@vinosite.com.

Right: Giovanni Busi enjoys a glass of his own Chianti Rufina.


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