Campania felix: Southern wines to make you happy

Taste five wines by Campania producer La Molara at our Summer Garden Party: tomorrow, 6-8pm


Typically overshadowed in the international market by the mightier regions of Tuscany or Piedmont, Campania‘s winemaking origins are every bit as valid. It is believed that the ancient Romans favored wines from what was then known as Campania felix (or “fertile countryside”). Even further back, the Greeks had recognized the arable nature of the volcanic soil of Vesuvius and wooded hills of Irpinia, planting Aglianico, Greco and Falanghina, varieties which continue to dominate Campania’s wine production today.

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Tomorrow evening at I Trulli we’ll be pouring five delicious summer wines by Campania producer La Molara at Summer Garden Party. Located in the town of Luogosano, in the province of Avellino, La Molara (whose vineyards are pictured above) was founded as recently as 2002. The relatively new estate is one of a number of companies at the helm of the region’s winemaking revival, as producers look to Campania’s illustrious past to create quality wines for this millenium.

Join us in the garden for Chef Patti Jackson‘s delicious summer antipasti and an exclusive tasting, as we pour La Molara’s excellent representations of five of Campania’s most recognized wines:

la molara wines blog

Falanghina Naif 2008 La Molara

Greco di Tufo Dionisio 2008 La Molara

Fiano di Avellino Jovis 2008 La Molara

Aglianico Naif 2006 La Molara

Taurasi Santa Vara 2004 La Molara

featuring the wines of La Molara

Tuesday, August 25
$35 plus tax and 18% gratuity

For further information and reservations please call 212-481-7372 or email


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