Stoppa & Shoppa!

Orange wine! Barbera & Bonarda! Italian Bordeaux! Taste three unique wines at 30% off!

When talk turns to wine (which it does pretty often at Vino), much emphasis is placed on place, climate and of course grape variety. It’s often easy to forget that an obvious component in the production of any wine is the people invloved. A winemaker’s philosophies and techniques in the vineyard and the cellar can often be a determining factor.

elena and giulio

Elena Pantaleoni and enologist Giulio Armani (above) of Emilia-Romagna’s La Stoppa winery seek to produce modern wines, though never at the expense of nature or tradition. Located among the colli piacentini (the hills near Piacenza), the estate was acquired by the Pantaleoni family in 1973, when Elena was just a small child. In 1997 her mother Angela moved to start a winery in Chile, and so Elena took over as primary owner, since which time La Stoppa, both the winery and the brand, has become a leading player in Italy’s natural wine movement.

Taste three of La Stoppa’s unique wine this afternoon at Vino from 5:30pm. And don’t forget: all three wines are now available at 30% off!

stoppa tastingAgeno 2004 La Stoppa
was $40, now $28

You may have heard the term “orange wine” being thrown about these days by fans of natural whites. This richness of color is achieved following an extended period of maceration with the grape skins. In the case of Ageno, La Stoppa’s blend of Malvasia, Ortrugo and Trebbiano, the maceration period is 30 days. Named after the estate’s previous owner, Ageno is best served to cleanse the palate between courses.

Macchiona 2003 La Stoppa
was $46, now $32.20

A 50-50 blend of Barbera and Bonarda sourced from forty-year-old vines, Macchiona has been produced by the estate since 1973. “The wine is drinking very well already,” says winemaker Elena Pantaleoni, “but this is a label that is really intended for extended aging.” We recently tasted some older vintages from her cellar and indeed this wine will only get better with time.

Stoppa 2001 La Stoppa
was $50, now $35

“Wine is made in the vineyard, not the cellar”, or so the saying goes. Stoppa, the signature wine of the eponymous winery and a former Tre Bicchieri winner, is an excellent example of what bio-dynamic farming and natural fermentation techniques can bring to a French grape variety. Elena Pantaleoni uses aggressive vineyard management and extremely low yields to make this top Cabernet-Merlot blend. Her meticulous work in the vineyard shines through her minimalist approach in the cellar.

Thursday, August 20

For more details call 212-725-6516 or email


One Response to Stoppa & Shoppa!

  1. Do Bianchi says:

    if that Ageno ain’t natural and orange then grits ain’t groceries! damn I love that wine (oops, did I say “natural”?????!!!! SAWWY!).

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