Summer sparklers

Put some sparkle back in your summer with four cool and bubbly white wines

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From the shadow of Champagne comes a bubbling Italian Renaissance: innovation, affordability and sheer diversity are just some of the factors making Italy’s sparkling wine production a booming business, especially in the international market. Just check out these great examples: four sparkling white wines, made from four different grape varieties (two of them red!), each representative of place and tradition but typical of modern winemakers’ skill and craft. Taste all four this afternoon at Vino from 5:30pm.

4 sparklers blogLambrusco Labrusca NV Lini

White Lambrusco… why not? Enologist Fabio Lini doesn’t allow any contact with the skins of his Lambrusco Salamino grapes during fermentation, resulting in this light, bright, white sparkler. As the label states, the wine is made “per gli amici” (for friends) and must be enjoyed young, fresh and in good company.

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut NV Col de’ Salici
was $18, now $15

Col de’ Salici are relative newcomers to Veneto’s vast wine scene, but have already honed their Prosecco practice, opting to produce only Brut Spumante and Extra Dry Spumante, thus abandoning production of still and frizzante Prosecco. The firm believes that the Spumante Prosecco is the finest expression of the DOC variety — we find it hard to disagree.

Erbaluce Caluso Cuvée Tradizione 2006 Orsolani

Made from 100% Erbaluce grapes using the metodo classico, whereby the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle to create its fine pinpoint bubbles, yeasty aromas and white stone-fruit flavors. First created in 1968 by Francesco Orsolani (Gianluigi’s father), the wine was the zone’s first metodo classico Erbaluce, and lent credibility to an otherwise dismissed variety.

Pinot Nero Metodo Classico Bianco 2002 Lini

Fabio Lini, a longtime fan of both Champagne and Burgundy, couldn’t resist planting Pinot Nero in his backyard. As his vines matured over several decades he tinkered in his cellar and came up with what we believe is one of the best dry metodo classico wines in Italy, with all the depth and aromatic complexity you would expect from vintage Champagne or Franciacorta… and at a fraction of the cost!

Tuesday, August 13

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email


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