Italian Wine 101, Part II

William “Lucky” Lee hosts the stunning sequel to Italian wine and winemaking

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Many Vino customers confess feeling daunted when attempting to fathom Italy’s vast mosaic of appellations, myriad grape varieties, and countless wine-making styles. While we admit it can be confusing, there’s no better place to start understanding the world of vino than Italian Wine 101, Vino’s hugely popular tasting class.

Now featured twice each term, this introductory tasting class will answer all those questions regarding Italian wine that have troubled you for so long. Participants will be treated to an exclusive tasting representing the incredible diversity of Italy’s wines, expertly selected by your esteemed host, Vino’s own William “Lucky” Lee.

Whether you’re an Italian wine novice or a veteran of vino, the class is an ideal starting point from which to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Italian wine and broaden your knowledge of this richly entertaining and endlessly rewarding subject. This special “Part II” edition promises some special surprises, proving that occasionally a sequel can actually improve on the original…

lucky with white border smallerITALIAN WINE 101
with William “Lucky” Lee
Wednesday, June 10

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email


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