Pasta Masters

Learn from the experts this Saturday as I Trulli’s classes continue

dora then and now

Ieri, oggi e domani: Dora Marzovilla then (in her native Puglia)
and now (at I Trulli).

Like espresso, vino rosso and La Gazzetta, pasta is one of those things that no Italian can imagine life without. It is even said that 95% of Italians eat pasta in some form or another every single day. While an impressive statistic, it’s also evidence of pasta’s huge variety and incredible versatility. With this in mind, any Italian restaurant worth its salt knows just how important the quality of its pasta must be, from orecchiette to ravioli.

dora orecchiette blog

Mrs. Marzovilla prepares orecchiette (or “little ears”) daily at I Trulli.

Dora Marzovilla has been making fresh pasta at I Trulli since her son, Nicola, launched the restaurant in 1994. Whether rolling cavatelli on 27th Street or cutting fresh tagliatelle for lunch at home, Dora knows how to feed both her families. Now you can benefit from her wealth of experience as she and Chef Patti Jackson reveal some of the secrets to preparing this classic staple of Italian daily life.

with Dora Marzovilla and Chef Patti Jackson

Saturday, May 30 1:30-3:30pm

For further information and reservations please call 212-725-6516 or email


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