Emilia-Romagna: Italy’s gastronomic heartland

Discover the rich flavors and lively wines of a remarkable region with Jim Hutchinson, DWS

Vino is excited to present a brand new addition to its class schedule, in which our very own Jim Hutchinson invites you to explore the hearty foods and delicious wines of Emilia-Romagna.

Comprising two historic regions, Emilia and Romagna, the unified Emilia-Romagna benefits from a unique geographical position, acting as a sort of keystone state between Central and Northern Italy, and stretching the peninsula from the Adriatic coast to Liguria. The region’s most famous towns lie centrally: Parma, Reggio-Emilia, Modena and Bologna, each of which is synonymous with some of Italy’s favorite and most heavily exported food products.


Lambrusco, Parmigiano Reggiano and prosciutto crudo... just some of the flavors we'll be sampling on Wednesday, April 29.

In an exclusive tasting, class participants will sample some of the cuisine which defines the region, such as prosciutto, parmigiano-reggiano, egg pasta and aceto balsamico. These will be paired with expertly selected wines including the sparkling Lambrusco, plus Sangiovese di Romagna and wines from the Colli Piacentini.

Gastronomic Heartland

with Jim Hutchinson, DWS
Wednesday, April 29

For more information and reservations call 212-725-6516 or email register@vinosite.com.

Vino’s full Spring 2009 Class Schedule is available on our website, vinosite.com.


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