Cool for Spring: Northern Whites

Celebrate the warm weather with these cool wines

The spectacular serene landscape around Lake Caldaro provides a perfect backdrop for Castel Sallegg's growing sites.

The serene landscape around Lake Caldaro provides a spectacular backdrop for Castel Sallegg's growing sites.

Vino’s spring selections continue today with a free tasting to help you enjoy the warmer season. If like us you crave something chilled and refreshing on a warm afternoon, look no further than Northern Italy, an area unparalleled for the quality, diversity, innovation and affordability of its famous white wines. Today we present three of our very best Northern whites from three unique producers. Come in and taste all three from 5:30pm on this Spring afternoon and save 10% (15% off a closed case)!

Malvasia 2007 Ronco dei Tassi
was $24, now $21.60

Though perhaps more famous as a sweet wine, the Malvasia variety is traditionally vinified as a dry white in Friuli, where famed Friulian winemaker Fabio Coser’s traditional approach and careful fruit selection result in a superior expression of the grape.

Pinot Bianco 2007 Castel Sallegg
was $19, now $17.10

Castel Sallegg’s crisp, balanced, mineral-driven Pinot Bianco benefits from the sandy, pebbly lime subsoil on the slopes that surround Lake Caldaro, an ideal growing site for a great food-friendly wine.

Chiavennasca 2007 Conti Sertoli Salis
was $21, now $18.90
Chiavennasca is the local name for a clone of Nebbiolo grown almost exclusively in Lombardy, where wines vinified “in bianco” have been made for centuries. Conti Sertoli Salis continue this tradition with a wine which retains all the nobility of its famous variety while remaining fresh and clean on the palate.

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