Save up to 20% on Il Falcone

Taste more Rivera wines today as Vino goes crazy for Pugliese


Rivera vines glisten in the pugliese sun under the imposing Castel del Monte.

In Puglia, the 13th century King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor Federico II certainly left his mark, at least on the region’s wine. The Castel del Monte DOC is named such for the imposing castle built by the noble ruler, who would spend hours hunting with his falcon on the very land rivera-il-falcone-verysmallwhere today some of the region’s best growing sites are found. Situated on a hilltop in the comune of Andria to the north of Bari, the high-altitude and climatic conditions of the location are particularly favorable to the cultivation of grapes.

Rivera‘s Il Falcone (a deliberate nod to Federico II) is a rare blend of Nero di Troia and Montepulciano, sourced from vines planted at 200 meters above sea level. Aged for at least a year in French oak barriques and a further twelve months in the bottle, the result is a bold, structured red wine which pairs beautifully with aged cheeses and roast meats.

Il Falcone 2004 Rivera
was $32, now $28.80
Save 20% on closed six-pack!

Taste Il Falcone and these other great wines by Rivera at Vino’s FREE Tasting, this Friday, March 6 from 5:30pm!

rivera-4-small-blogBombino Bianco Marese 2007 Rivera

Salice Salentino 2005 Rivera

Aglianico Cappellaccio Riserva 2004 Rivera

Moscato di Trani Piani di Tufara 2006 Rivera

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