Emilian Apparel: Lini tees/tease

Just a little something I came up with in the office this morning… (hey, it’s Friday)

Made in downtown LA, made cool in midtown NY.

Made in downtown LA, made cool in lower midtown NY.

Lini-chic continues to take NYC (or at least this office) by storm! It’s been a personal (and professional) goal of mine to see Lini‘s Labrusca label featured on a t-shirt since I first sampled the stylish Emilian producer’s Labrusca Rosso. So today, with the help of Photoshop (and American Apparel), I knocked off these mock-ups of what a Labrusca tee might look like on two impossibly skinny Lambrusco-lovin’ hipsters. Now before you all start trying to place orders for a “Pink XS”, please bear in mind that the image above is only an enhanced prototype. But how great would these tees look paired with a Lini bag or bottle-sock? If you’d like to parade through your own ‘hood in one of these designs stay tuned for more developments: this could be the look for Spring/Summer 2009 among Lini fans everywhere, from LA to the LES.


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  1. […] lovers, the wait is over. The vision we had back in February has finally become a reality as the phenomenon that is Lini continues unabated: introducing the […]

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