Guido Gualandi now 20% off!

Big savings on unique wines by our favorite Tuscan winemaker
Taste all four at Vino this Friday afternoon

Tuscan winemaker Guido Gualandi is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Tuscan winemaker Guido Gualandi attends to his vines.

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt be familiar with Tuscan winemaker Guido Gualandi. The Montespertoli-based producer is often celebrated at Vino for his many talents in addition to winemaking: archaeologist, painter, musician, technology consultant… it’s an impressive list. But what exactly makes Guido’s wines so special? For starters, each wine Gualandi produces is the result of his own toil and hard labor, and he conducts every step of the winemaking process with his own hand. Grapes are hand-picked (using a traditional type of basket known as a “bigonce“) then hand- (and foot-) pressed. The wines are typically left to age in barriques, at which point Guido, a great believer in batonnage, regularly performs the act of stirring the lees himself. The entire production process from harvest to bottle is represented by diagrams on his wines’ labels.

A devoted non-interventionist winemaker, Gualandi insists on keeping his product free of all herbicides or pesticides. “I especially avoid correcting the taste of the wine in the cellar,” he says. This philosophy is part of Guido’s commitment to maintaining the same production techniques traditionally employed by winemakers in Tuscany. “Modern technology is practically banned from inside the winery,” he explained to us. “The materials I use are the same as those of fifty or even a hundred years ago.” For a man of such creative output, it’s perhaps no surprise Gualandi refers to his methods as “the art of making wine.”

Take home these Tuscan masterpieces at an astonishing 20% off!

4-guido-winesVino Rosato 2007 Guido Gualandi
was $19, now $ 15.20

Cavalleresco 2005 Guido Gualandi
was $38, now $30.40

Gualandus 2005 Guido Gualandi
was $50, now $40

Vinum 2007 Guido Gualandi
was $40, now $32

All four of these wines by Guido Gualandi will be available to try at
our FREE tasting this Friday, January 23rd, from 5:30-7:30pm.

For more information please call 212-725-6516 or email


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