VINO 2009 arrives in New York!

VINO 2009 — Italian Wine Week is in the Big Apple: enjoy the experience at Vino, I Trulli and Centovini!


VINO 2009 events will be taking place in Boston, New York and Miami next week! For more information visit

VINO 2009, the first industry convention of Italian Wines in America, arrives in New York this week. Presented by the Italian Trade Commission, the event runs from January 21 to February 1 and aims to promote wines from some Italy’s finest wine producing regions. Vino, I Trulli and Centovini are amongst eighteen New York stores and restaurants taking part in VINO 2009’s Shop & Dine event.

Vino is thrilled to be featuring wines from Abruzzo, a region much admired for its wine production. Two-thirds mountains and one-third hills, Abruzzo boasts highly favorable natural conditions for grapevines, and some of the best-loved wines in Italy are produced from its most famous varieties, Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Come taste wines from Abruzzo — all next week at Vino!

Renowned in New York City for their commitment to promoting Italian wine, both I Trulli and Centovini will be featuring unique wines from Abruzzo and other regions in Italy in special pairing menus and by-the-glass wine lists. It’s the perfect way to start a memorable evening at I Trulli or Centovini!

For further information please contact Vino, I Trulli or Centovini.

vino-i-trulli-and-centovini-addresses-blogWhatever you may think about those mini television sets found in the back of New York City taxicabs these days (that ABC Eyewitness News intro makes me jump out of my seat every time), remember all publicity is good publicity…


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