Volcanic savings!

Take 20% off these bottles from Basilicata! Taste all four this Friday

The vineyards on the slopes of Monte Vulture have belonged to the D'Angelo family for half a century.

The vineyards on the slopes of Monte Vulture have belonged to the D'Angelo family for half a century.

Basilicata’s most famous winemaker, Donato D’Angelo was instrumental in advancing wine production in his native region and garnering the subsequent international recognition awarded to its wines. A true Aglianico advocate and pioneer, his innovation led to the grape’s current status as one of the country’s most renowned varieties. Indeed, today Aglianico is often considered the only Southern grape worthy of the kind of reverence usually reserved for the likes of Sangiovese or Nebbiolo.

In the town of Rionero, Donato has been making great wines on the volcanic slopes of Monte Vulture for over thirty years, with results that have seen the Aglianico del Vulture DOC appellation’s recent emergence as a winemaking area of tremendous potential.

Last summer Vino received D’Angelo’s latest vintages which certainly did not disappoint: these four wines are representative of this unique land and Donato’s commitment to producing the best possible wine from it. Now you can enjoy them at an incredible 20% off! From the unique blends Villa dei Pini and Serra delle Querce, to the distinct Canneto and noble heft of Valle del Noce, Donato D’Angelo continues to set the very highest standards in southern Italian winemaking.


Villa dei Pini 2003 D’Angelo
was $20, now $ 16

Serra delle Querce 2005 D’Angelo
was $43, now $34.40

Canneto 2005 D’Angelo
was $36, now $ 28.80

Valle del Noce 2003 D’Angelo
was $54, now $43.20

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email contact@vinosite.com.

You can try all four wines at Vino’s FREE Tasting, Friday, January 16 from 5:30pm!


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