Say “Cin Cin” with Clic!

Top Friulan producer’s son makes holiday party wine!

Friulan producer Fabio Coser (of Ronco dei Tassi fame) is renowned as one of Italy’s top white winemakers, and has several Tre Bicchieri awards to prove it. Now his son Enrico has decided to get in on the act. Catering to a younger crowd (specifically the huge numbers of ragazzi e ragazze who converge on Italy’s Adriatic coast every summer), he has created Clic, an approachable and affordable line of excellent party wine. But before you right them off as unsophisticated, just remember where they’re coming from. Using 100% Friulano (Clic Bianco) and 100% Merlot (Clic Rosso) from the choicest sites, Enrico has put together a wine worthy of the Coser name. The name Clic comes from a term in Friulan dialect meaning “a small glass of wine between friends.” Invite yours over this holiday and share the fun.

clicClic Bianco 2007
was $12, now $10.80

Clic Rosso 2006
was $12, now $10.80

Save 10% on bottles 1 through 11, 20% on 12 or more!

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email

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2 Responses to Say “Cin Cin” with Clic!

  1. Do Bianchi says:

    I really like these wines and they’re clean and very food friendly… did Enrico ever tell you the story of what they were originally supposed to be called?

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