In the valley of Voyat

Save on three Alpine wines from a Valle d’Aosta virtuoso


Voyat's wife and daughter pose alongside a photograph of the late Ezio at the family home in Chambave, Valle d'Aosta. Photo Jim Hutchinson, October 2008.

Ezio Voyat made his living as an accountant for a casino but he forged his legend as a producer of some of Italy’s most distinctive wines. His two moscato, the dry La Gazzella and the sweet Ambrato, and the red blend Le Muraglie are truly wines of place, slightly austere and aromatic with brisk acidity balancing concentration of flavor. Like the mountains from which they come these wines can be imposing and difficult to attain but with time and effort their mysteries unfold and their charms become a warm embrace. Voyat made wine in Chambave, a hamlet in the Valle d’Aosta, his modest house and cellar within walking distance of his several acres of hillside vineyard. Ezio Voyat died in 2003 leaving his wife and daughter to carry on his sizeable winemaking legacy.


La Gazzella 2004 Ezio Voyat
was $38, now $34.20

Voyat named this dry, elegant 100% Moscato for his daughter Marilena, an Olympic sprinter and 1980s Italian track star, known to her fans as the “Gazelle”.

Rosso Le Muraglie 2005 Ezio Voyat
was $43, now $38.70

This Chambave Rosso is made from Petit Rouge, Dolcetto and Gros Vien, sourced from an ancient cloistered growing site known as le muraglie or “the walls”.

Ambrato Le Muraglie 200o Ezio Voyat
was $117, now $105.30

Made from dried Moscato grapes from the Voyats’ own small estate, this ambrato or “ambered” dessert wine achieves its unique color through gentle oxidation and cask aging.

Save 10% on bottles 1 through 5, 20% on six or more!

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  1. Do Bianchi says:

    Voyat, soooo good…

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