Fantastico! Magnifico! Aglianico!

Save big on some of Southern Italy’s greatest wines by D’Angelo

Donato D'Angelo

Donato D'Angelo in his cellar in Rionero, Potenza.

If Basilicata’s Aglianico del Vulture DOC is today emerging as one of Italy’s winemaking areas of greatest potential, much of the credit must go to Donato D’Angelo. D’Angelo was instrumental in garnering international recognition for the wine through his determination to have serious consumers recognize Aglianico as one of Italy’s most important varieties.


D'Angelo's Aglianico vines on the slopes of Mount Vulture. The volcano's most recent eruptions occurred roughly 830,000 years ago.

Donato began producing wines in Rionero in 1973, after he and his brother Lucio inherited the D’Angelo cantina from their father, Rocco. With growing sites positioned in the town of Rionero, high on the slopes of Mount Vulture, D’Angelo was inspired by his unique location. He set about making the best wine he could out of a grape variety in which he truly believed: Aglianico. Having recently graduated from the prestigious Scuola Enologica of Conegliano in Veneto he was also compelled to introduce international varieties to the region, as well as French-oak barrique aging.


Vintage bottles of Aglianico by D'Angelo. Although the wines drink well now, they offer excellent aging potential.

Success and recognition soon followed, and for over a generation D’Angelo has been widely considered one of the key figures in Italian winemaking. His innovation has resulted in Aglianico now being regarded as Southern Italy’s best answer to Sangiovese or Nebbiolo; judging by his latest vintages, Donato D’Angelo remains an expert in creating the finest possible expression of Basilicata’s richest grape.


Serra della Querce 2005
was $43, now $39.70

D’Angelo tempers Aglianico’s stiff tannin and pronounced acidity with a significant amount of Merlot.

Aglianico del Vulture Canneto 2005
was $36, now $32.40

Since 1985 D’Angelo’s Canneto has highlighted Aglianico’s best attributes for an international market.

Aglianico del Vulture Riserva Caselle 2003
was $36, now $32.40

Though this Aglianico Riserva wine has remarkable aging potential it is already drinking well.

Aglianico del Vulture Valle del Noce 2003
was $54, now $48.60

Likened to the wines of Piemonte and Bordeaux, this 100% Aglianico can age for upwards of 20 to 30 years.

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2 Responses to Fantastico! Magnifico! Aglianico!

  1. John Czaja says:

    Serra Delle Querce 1999 Basilicata red wine. What is the price for a bottle of this wine. Thank You John

  2. Vino NYC says:

    John, you’ll be lucky to find Serra Delle Querce 1999 available for retail purchase these days. Vino carries the 2005 vintage, currently priced at $43.

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