Get a grip on your Grappa

Raise holiday spirits with 10% off three great grappas from Piedmont

3-grappas-blogPiedmont, among the greatest of Italian wine regions, is also renowned among enthusiasts for its fine distillers. For generations, families from the Alta Langa to the Novara hills have turned the sodden skins left over from winemaking into grappa. While by tradition most grappas have been produced for local consumption, a number of significant producers have emerged over the last century to become recognized leaders in fine spirits manufacture.

Today we feature Asti’s Berta and Alba’s Marolo, industry leaders in quality and innovation, and Cascina Castlèt, a Barbera producer that has taken great care to create grappas that are every bit as good as their wines. Our survey offers three distinct styles of grappa: un-aged, un-oaked and clear; barrique-aged, amber; and infused grappa.

Avié Moscato Grappa NV Cascina Castlèt (375ml)
was $47, now $42.30

This is a young grappa that is kept out of barrel to preserve its fine, characteristic Moscato perfume.

Grappa & Camomile NV Marolo (375ml)
was $48, now $43.20

Dried camomile blossoms are left to infuse in Paolo Marolo’s nebbiolo grappa before being sweetened to produce one of the finest floral liqueurs we’ve tasted.

Tre Soli Tre Nebbiolo Grappa 1995 Berta (750ml)
was $188, now $169.20

One of the world’s most distinguished grappas, Tre Soli Tre is a distilate of pomace from Barolo producers in La Morra and Monforte d’Alba. This vintage dated grappa was aged for eight years in barriques with medium toast and belongs on the shelf with your best Cognacs.

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