Montebetti: new from Guido Gualandi

Introducing a Tuscan Renaissance Man’s latest masterpiece


Guido Gualandi photographed at his estate in Poppiano in the Chianti subzone of Montespertoli, Florence.

A multi-talented, modern-day man of action, Guido Gualandi is unique among Tuscan producers, both in his philosophy and obsessive hands-on approach. Projecting a decidedly non-interventionist attitude to winemaking, Guido oversees personally every aspect of his 100% natural vinification process. As he recently explained to us: “I believe there is really no need for an enologist; a naturally made wine makes itself. You just have to ‘raise it’ with care and attention.”

Located in Poppiano, in the Chianti subzone of Montespertoli, Gualandi specializes in ancient local varieties such as Colorino, Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda. Continuously striving towards the development of new wines, Guido recognizes the region’s viticultural tradition while bending the often conservative conventions of Tuscan winemaking.


Whether hard at work or hard at play, Guido Gualandi's passion for his craft is evident.

This year Gualandi has blended Sangiovese, Cannaiolo and Colorino to create the Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG Montebetti. The grapes are fermented (together with skins and stalks) for 15 days, after which the wine spends 10 months in durmast botti and several more in the bottle. Unlike Guido’s other wines, for which production is generally small, over 12,000 bottles of Montebetti have been produced. The first 2007 vintage has just arrived at Vino, and replaces Gualandi’s Sangiovese blend Cavalleresco. Available at just $23, it is one of our most rare and affordable Tuscan wines.

1455A regular visitor to the United States, Guido studied archeology at New York’s Columbia University, has worked as a teacher and journalist, and is also a gifted musician and painter. Naturally, his wines’ labels feature his own designs. Take home a little piece of Tuscany’s artistic heritage today!

Chianti Colli Fiorentini Montebetti 2007 Guido Gualandi

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One Response to Montebetti: new from Guido Gualandi

  1. Do Bianchi says:

    Guido is indeed a true renaissance man…

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