Festive sparklers

Let Lini lift your spirits this holiday season

Alicia Lini and Alba

Alicia Lini and daughter Alba photographed by Vino's Jim Hutchinson at the Lini estate in Correggio, Reggio Emilia, October 2008.

For many of us, Thanksgiving arrives this year at a time of bleak uncertainty. And because the economic mood is far from upbeat, there’s all the more reason your wines should be the opposite. Emilian Lambrusco specialist Lini produces a fun and affordable range of bubbly wines which are typical of the region. Whether toasting the season or pairing with party snacks, these six popular wines are perfect for every festive occasion. Try them this season and watch your holiday really sparkle!6-lini-wines-blogLabrusca Bianco 2007 $15
Labrusca Rosso 2007 $15
Lambrusco Rosé 2007 $17
Metodo Classico Bianco 2002 $32
Corrigia Brut Rosso 2003 $27
Lambrusco Scuro 2007 $20

Taste all six of the above wines this Wednesday at Vino!

Take 10% off individual bottles and 20% off closed cases!

For more information call 212-725-6516 or email contact@vinosite.com.


One Response to Festive sparklers

  1. Do Bianchi says:

    I’m dying to last the metodo classico and the scuro… can you guys ship to Texas?

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