I Trulli honors Fabrizio Santarelli

Castel de Paolis producer presents wines at Lazio-themed dinner


I Trulli's "A Taste of Rome" dinner featured the specialties and wines of Lazio.

Fabrizio Santarelli of Castel de Paolis arrived in New York this weekend to promote his wines as well as winemaking in the region of Lazio. The recently elected president of Le Vigne del Lazio, a consortium of 23 of the region’s producers, was the guest of honor at a Lazio-themed dinner held at I Trulli last night.


Fabrizio Santarelli was happy to discuss his wine with guests at I Trulli on Monday night.

Fabrizio enjoyed the spotlight and proved an engaging host together with Nicola Marzovilla and Jim Hutchinson. The menu, prepared especially for the occasion by Chef Patti Jackson, featured dishes typical of the region, paired naturally with some of the consortium’s best wines.


The timballo di riso was paired with Cesanese del Piglio by Casale della Ioria, one of the producers of the Lazio consortium over which Fabrizio presides.

Guests tasted the following on Monday night: saltimbocca di triglie and Campo Vecchio Bianco 2007 Castel de Paolis, timballo di riso and Cesanese del Piglio 2005 Casale della Ioria, and grigliata mista and I Quattro Mori 2004 Castel de Paolis. The dessert, gelato e focaccia alla romana dolce was paired with Vin Santo 1999 Travignoli.

Nicola Marzovilla and Fabrizio Santarelli talked about wine. Probably.

Nicola Marzovilla and Fabrizio Santarelli talked about wine. Probably.

Fabrizio and his wife Alessandra have spent the rest of their time in New York presenting Castel de Paolis’ wines to clients, as well as promoting wines by other producers from Lazio. But there was still time to sample some authentic East Coast diner fare, including scrapple sandwiches and beer in Williamsburg!

Special thanks to photographer Alex Dominguez!


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