Brunello: the nightmare is over

Siena magistrates let Banfi off the hook

La Repubblica, 10/21/08.

As reported in today’s La Repubblica, the Siena Brunello hearings came to a close today. Though extensively reported on by our friends at VinoWire, Do Bianchi and The Pour, Vino has shied away from being drawn into the debate, preferring instead to watch with some amusement as Italy’s winemakers and wine-governing bodies go at it on live television. Today’s verdict sees Banfi cleared of any wrong-doing. The judge stated that the 2003 vintage conforms to Brunello law. Winery owner Cristina Mariani-May commented thus: “With the definitive “liberation” of our Brunello we can finally return to dedicate ourselves, with renewed passion and dedication, to the tireless search for excellence which has made us famous and appreciated throughout the world. Or, in the words of Nicola Marzovilla, “Finally we can now all sleep at night.”


One Response to Brunello: the nightmare is over

  1. Do Bianchi says:

    As it turns out, only some of Banfi’s wine was released. It’s still not known how much it had to declassify but the Siena prosecutor’s statement last week made clear that some of Banfi’s wine was released only after they declassified a significant amount. I wish it weren’t over but I fear that the worst is yet to come. Many believe that the indictments will arrive soon as well. According to the prosecutor’s statement, many producers violated the law. I posted my translation at VinoWire. Jeremy Parzen

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