A Taste of Friuli

On November 17, join Nicola Marzovilla at Centovini for an evening of Friulan food and wine

A Taste of Friuli
Monday, November 17, 2008
$125 (plus tax and gratuity)


The spectacular landscape of Friuli is particularly stunning in the fall.

In the north-eastern corner of Italy, where the peaks of the Alps and the waters of the Adriatic seem almost to touch, the countryside fare of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has been a traditional contrast to the more refined Venetian cuisine eaten along the coast. For neighboring Slovenia and Austria, Friuli has long played an important role as gateway to the Mediterranean, resulting in an eastern accent to many of the region’s dishes.

This influence also extends to Friuli’s wine production. Applying studied vineyard techniques and avant-garde enology to the production of distinctive reds and award-winning whites, Friuli’s innovative producers continue to set the highest standards in Italian wine making.

On November 17, join Nicola Marzovilla at Centovini for an evening devoted to the fine flavors of Friuli. Chef Patti Jackson has prepared a unique menu featuring some of the region’s specialties, naturally paired with wines by our favorite Friulan winemaker, Fabio Coser of Ronco dei Tassi.


Friuli's changeable weather makes for an ideal climate for vineyard cultivation.


Polpo con Fagioli
Grilled octopus with shell beans and sorrel
Pinot Grigio 2006 Ronco dei Tassi

Quaglie ai vignaioll
Stuffed quail, winemaker’s style
Fosarin 2006 Ronco dei Tassi

Costolette di cinghiale e cinghiale agrodolce
Wild boar chop with braised shoulder, squash and Swiss chard
Cjarandon 2003 Ronco dei Tassi

Gnocchi di ricotta, prugne e semi di papavero
Ricotta dumplings with fresh prunes and poppyseeds
Picolit 2004 Ronco dei Tassi

For more information and reservations call 212-219-2113 or email events@centovininyc.com.


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