Patti Jackson interviewed on Grub Street

I Trulli and Centovini chef confesses bossy nature to New York magazine

Chef Patti Jackson was served a rapid-fire Q&A session by‘s Grub Street column yesterday, in an interview with Alexandra Vallis that touches the rarely-broached subject of restaurant politics, and the differing treatment of men and women — both in the kitchen and the dining room. On the eve of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs’ At The Table event, the woman who graciously helms the stoves at I Trulli and Centovini certainly dishes it out as good as she gets.  Ms. Jackson dislikes the unnecessary boundaries created by the title of “chef”, and when it comes to serving women first, Patti explains “I’m really bossy… Ideally, I get everything first.”

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Some of New York's junior chefs flocked to Patti Jackson's table.

Some of New York's junior chefs flock to Patti's table in search of culinary inspiration.

Later, Patti Jackson and Centovini sous-chef Christine Lau appeared at At The Table, and event organized by the WCR to raise scholarship funds for women in the food and restaurant industry. The event was a huge success: Patti whipped up a delicious pork-belly braciole with broccoli rabe, which judging by the large crowds gathered around her table, went down pretty well.

Patti Jackson

Patti Jackson strikes a pose. Just don't call her "chef".


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