Try I Trulli’s Recession Remedy

Fight your financial fears at our fall harvest garden wine party!

Times may be tough on Wall Street

Times may be tough downtown right now, but on 27th Street good food and wine are just the thing to beat your Wall Street woes.

It was Bob Dylan who once sang about hard times in New York town, but not even he could have predicted the tough economic downturn the city finds itself in today. As a consequence of the collapse on Wall Street, many of us are tightening our purse strings, especially when it comes to dining out. Which is why I Trulli is doing what it can to lift spirits, helping to ensure less whining and more wining.

This man may have just witnessed his assets crumble, but he can still afford a great evening out at I Trulli.

On Thursday, October 16, join us at I Trulli’s lush back garden for Italian wine and delicious antipasti: the perfect antidote to some of the bleak news of the last few weeks. Enjoy great wines from I Trulli’s award-winning cellar, taste chef Patti Jackson’s seasonal delicacies and meet like-minded fans of Italian food and wines, and all for a remarkable, recession-busting $45!

Read more about I Trulli’s garden parties on Metromix New York!

Fall Harvest Garden Party
Thursday, October 16
Only $45
(all you can eat and drink!)

For more information call 212-481-7372 or email


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