Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Celebrate the end of summer with 20% off fifteen of your favorite wines at Vino!

Even the normally busy streets of Rome are eerily quiet during the month of August.

Summer is drawing to a close, and as Americans prepare for a relaxing Labor Day weekend, in Italy people are finally getting back to work. Italians celebrate Labor Day, or “Festa del Lavoro” on May 1st. So for most Italians August means a long vacation by the sea, an exodus which leaves the usually bustling historic cities the domain of foreign tourists. Not even those in the retail or hospitality businesses deny themselves a seaside break, and during the month of August many stores, restaurants and even newspaper stands close, sometimes for several weeks. Shuttered storefront windows are suddenly plastered with makeshift signs reading chiuso per ferie or “closed for vacation”, often accompanied by a handy date of return.

Signs like this are an all too common sight in the windows of Italian stores and restaurants come mid-August.

Consequently, Italian towns can be sleepy places to be come mid-August, and if you’ve ever visited Italy at this time of year, you’ll know that it can be a frustrating experience, especially when you discover that the must-visit out-of-the-way trattoria recommended in your guide book has decided to shut up shop for two weeks. But at the end of the month, as people return to the city, so too does Italian urban life resume. And while the idea of getting back to real life post-vacation can be a slightly depressing moment, for Italians it is usually tempered by the return of the soccer season!

Italy's premier soccer league Serie A returns this weekend, when Italian champions Inter will begin the defence of their title against Sampdoria.

In celebration of this unique time of year, Vino is offering fifteen of its most popular wines at a spectacular 20% off! It’s the perfect chance to stock up on some of your favorite bottles for a great last days of summer Labor Day weekend!

Check out the Summer Sale page on our website for the full list of wines!

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New York, NY 10016

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