Final Summer Sale Tasting

Five more wines now available at a 20% discount in our summer sale!

Spectacular sunsets like these are the best reason to hang around into the early evening on Italy's beaches in late-summer.

The evenings may be getting just a tad cooler, but summer’s not over yet! Vino is squeezing out every last drop of the long hot season, and continues to offer more tastings and great wines at incredible prices this August! This week Vino will host the last of its free Thursday and Friday tastings, but these fives featured wines and those from the previous two tastings will continue to be available at a special 20% discounted price through Labor Day!

This week’s tasting
Vino will be pouring the following wines this Thursday and Friday afternoon between 5:30 and 7:30pm.

Gavignano 2007 Travignoli
Though more renowned for their Chianti Rufina, Tuscan producer Travignoli makes this wine by blending small amounts of Sauvignon Blanc into the estate’s Chardonnay. While Chardonnay from California and Burgundy may have enjoyed more celebrity in recent years, the excellent drainage of the rocky soil in Chianti (and in Rufina in particular) helps to create dry, structured whites with balanced aromas and flavors.

Roero Arneis San Michele 2006 Deltetto
The word arneis literally means “little rascal” in Piedmontese dialect, a reference to the difficulty in cultivating this aromatic grape with its delicate skin. Indigenous to Piemonte, Arneis has been grown there since the fifteenth century. Its fruit is so rich that it used to be planted in vineyards devoted primarily to Nebbiolo because the birds liked it better. Deltetto sources its Arneis from San Michele, one of the best Arneis crus in Roero. The wine is partly fermented in barrel and partly in stainless-steel, and the first vintage since Roero was granted DOCG status in 2006.

Canavese Rosato Rubiconda 2007 Orsolani
Piemontese producer Gianluigi Orsolani’s family name may be synonymous with local white variety Erbaluce, but this year the fourth-generation producer has broken with tradition. Using Nebbiolo, Barbera and Uva Rara, Orsolani has created a small production of Canavese Rosato named “Rubiconda”. This is a fresh, fragrant and exquisitely dry rosato, a blend with enough structure to stand up to summer favorites like ribs, burgers and grilled chicken.

Rosso Piceno 2006 Enzo Mecella
Amidst the hype which has begun to surround wines from Le Marche in recent years, winemaker Enzo Mecella has stayed true to his game, producing wines of excellent quality which typify the region. Choosing to ignore fleeting commercial wine trends, Mecella’s focus is the production of superior wines from old vines of local origin. Rosso Piceno is made primarily from Sangiovese grapes with the addition of smaller amounts of Montepulciano. Mecella sources the fruit from a single growing site, the Colle Malvano or Malvano Hill.

Pinot Nero 2004 Castel Sallegg
Unlike the over-oaked, concentrated, high-alcohol Pinot Noir often grown in the United States, Castel Sallegg uses only judicious small and large cask aging to create a Pinot Nero offering beautiful fruit flavors, bright acidity and a clean finish. This aging process takes place within the ancient cellars of the estate, found beneath the walls of the Castel Sallegg. The castle’s extensive subterranean cellars extend three floors underground, providing the consistent temperatures necessary for a slow aging in oak barrels.

FREE Final Summer Sale Tasting
Thursday, August 28
Friday, August 29

121 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016

For more information call (212) 725-6516 or visit our website,


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